Sunday, October 17, 2010

Overworked & Underpaid

I figured it was time to make a blog... partially because I need somewhere to VENT and partially because being a stay at home mom isn’t always the most exciting job in the world. :) Don’t get me wrong – being with my children and having the ability to see them grow is a huge blessing. But every now and then, I need an adult that doesn’t speak in a baby voice to talk to.

Whoever said being a stay at home mom was easy, was a male who’s never done it. GOSH it’s a lot of work. Between wiping noses, folding clothes, cleaning house, feeding each child (who just happen to be on DIFFERENT schedules), doing my crafts, bathing kids, PTA, Cub Scouts, cooking, and etc… I feel like I barely get a break and I get ZERO “Me Time”. Which, might I add, is crucial to life. I spend the majority of my time chasing kids – a 6yr old and an 11mo old. And when I’m not chasing them, they are chasing me with their whining, clingy, over usage of “Mama”. MY children are my LIFE…but a Mama needs a break every now and then.

Today my oldest went to his first "go see it" and Tiger Cub meeting! My husband had to escape work for a couple hours to make it - and Thank GOD he did... once we all got to the Den Leaders house, and my youngest realized there were kids everywhere ... he was NOT okay being confined. Matter of fact - the MINUTE I'd pick him up he'd start squirming and crying. I couldn't let him be... considering the first thing he'd do is climb up the leg of some poor Tiger Cub. haha I get jealous of my husband when I can't be at these things - but I quickly realized this would be a disaster if my little one and I didn't make a b-line for the door. I don’t know WHY I'd be excited about a cub scouts meeting. Maybe because it's Bray's first real activity to be involved in ...or because it's a time to get out of the house and do something other than cook and clean. I packed up everything I had just unpacked and went home to tuck little man in for his nap. People think nap time is just relax time – but with an 11mo old who LOVES his Mama-time… nap time merely means “get everything done really fast while he naps cause it probably won’t last long” time. Did I mention that I’m SUPERBLY unorganized? My husband has pointed this out recently, mostly because BEFORE baby I was super organized. I feel like all my organization skills went right out the door when I got pregnant and my oldest started school. I’ve really gotta get a handle on things.

I should really be used to this stay @ home mama stuff. Especially because little man is almost a year old and I’ve been home since I was pregnant. But do you ever really get used to it?? Considering every day is another adventure… from kids catching colds to PTA meetings with a baby in tow. I enjoy being in this crazy-mama life… but I’ve learned that you never stop getting “taught”. I went thru 13 years of public school and 2 years of college… and NOTHING could’ve have taught me what my kids have in just a year and ½. It's a learning process no other could teach. And Pop-Quizzes happen more often then not.

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