Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Can I go back to being a kid??

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade....

Yeah - but lemonade needs sugar, water, a pitcher and to be stirred - it takes practice to make the perfect lemonade or its all tart or over watered!!! ugh...

Things have been round in the Haddad household. I know that God is watching over us and giving me nothing more then I can handle but sometimes I just want to scream. I'm sorry I havent been blogging... Its be a mess of things lately.

My youngest - Bear ;) He has started this twitching thing. He just twitches out of no where and sometimes throws up afterwards (during) and SCREAMS like he was electrocuted. I noticed it last week and we spent ALLLLL night Friday in the hospital. Just to get told "We dont know what it is... see your doctor Monday..." Okay. REALLY? First off I drove 45min away from my house which took almost 2 hours due to horrible traffic *saw 5 wrecks on the way*, and spent 4 hours waiting in a waiting room and having my son get stuck by a needle 4 times to draw 4ccs of blood just to get tested for dehydration, which resulted to a huge bruise on his arm b/c the phlebotomist on hand couldn't do his job the first time. I had to hold my poor Bear down while he SCREAMED and tears streamed down his cheeks - ALLLLLL for you to tell me to see my doctor on Monday?!?! Did I read your name tag right, or is that NOT a Dr. infront of your name!? Not to mention - I just spent LOADS of money to be in an over priced CHILDRENS Emergency Room for you to tell me that apparently I'm in the wrong place. Do you know how hard it is to entertain an 11mo old in a room the size of our CLOSET for 4 hours with NO toys, NO food, and the TV's all programmed to the Rangers Game because somehow we made it to the World Series!?? OHHH... And my 6yr old who spent the night in the Cafeteria with my in-laws! I was so irritated, upset, and EXHAUSTED by the time that we left I almost vowed to never go there again.

So... NOW after our appt on Monday, we have a MRI scheduled this Friday (which he has to FAST for) and an EEG on Nov. 8th to be checked for seizures. Then we go from there... And that was the soonest we could get into anywhere. :(

I'm still upset, although Bear has been better. He's fine, I know he is. I'm praying every minute. But I wanted SOMETHING done... SOME test! Not just an "I'm Sorry, wait till its worse" face. ughh...

Onto Better NEWS! Bear's FIRST Birthday is Nov. 10th! I'm sooooo overly excited. I just can't wait! :) I'm going to do the theme in Moose and Zee. :) I LOVEEE IT!

My oldest, Bray, is in Boy Scouts and he's doing well. I think he likes it! It's something other then the Wii, Thank God.

ANYHOW... Just keep praying for us. <3 I'm looking for a Job as well... SO I'm praying God leads me to where he WANTS me :)

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