Sunday, January 16, 2011

Life's Curveballs

Well things have changed dramatically since the last time I've posted. WOW I've been BAD! :P I started a small part time job @ a fitness center in the daycare area. Pay is horrible, other people's kids need spankings, and I took mostly night shifts! But @ the end of the day... it helps. I make minimum wage to sit and watch a ton of kids in a tiny room (while MY children are with me!). Its not TOO bad, but I've suddenly realized how well behaved my children are and how non-disciplined other children are. GAH! I've also realized that I am WAY more patient than I gave myself credit for. lol Its an okay job for now. I've had a couple interviews but with a 14mo old and 6yr old... Daycare for them (afterschool for my oldest) would basically wipe out any check that I got. I'd work 40hrs a week and bring home 200-400$ a month and lose the time with my kiddos. No Thanks. On the bad note... since I've started the job, Bear and I have been SICK! He caught RSV, which the Lord blessed us in him not getting it too bad and got rid of it quickly. Then I CAUGHT IT - well the Adult version, which in return led to a sinus infection that I'm still fighting! :( SO I don't even know if I'm making enough, considering doctor copays have been 50$ each time.

Bear is 14mo old! Which is just a total shocker for me! Running everywhere, attitude like no other, sweet<3 and he's a TOTAL FLIRT like his daddy. :) Bray is in school and top of his class... very smart! Addicted to the Wii/DS but we're nipping that in the butt. He's so smart its ridiculous! :)

I have a wonderful life! Even if I complain sometimes. My husband is my ROCK! He's the greatest! SO hilariously funny and gorgeous! :) God has BLESSED me! <3

But for now, I have a screaming Bear... <3

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